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Case Western Reserve University Career Fair

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We will be attending Case Western Reserve University’s Career Fair on Thursday, February 16th. We are excited to meet students and alumni who might be interested in career opportunities at Mobile Defense.

For more information about CWRU’s career fair, visit this site:

Carnegie Mellon University’s TechSpark

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We are proud to announce that we are presenting at TechSpark on February 13!

For those who have not heard, TechSpark is a recruiting event hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. This event is specifically designed for startups and small businesses to not only meet students and alumni, but share our stories and visions for the technologies we are developing. We will talk about Mobile Defense’s founding, mission, and vision for the future. We will also discuss the technologies that we are developing, how we are accomplishing our goals, and how our team is rapidly growing.

We are thrilled to meet the students, alumni, and other attendees at TechSpark and to share the Mobile Defense story.

Update on Mobile Defense 2.x

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, but we wanted to let everyone know that we haven’t forgotten about our users. We appreciate all of our current beta users who have stuck with us, and everyone who has signed up for the waitlist!

Mobile Defense 1.x was released as a public beta to prove out our system. After a year of testing, we took it off the Android Market so we could focus on working with our OEM partners. As a result, we’ve been able to whitelabel some of our technology and create new features for the upcoming consumer release of Mobile Defense 2.x.

Mobile Defense 2.x will be available in the Android Market within the next few months. More details will be forthcoming as the release date approaches, so be sure to check back here and keep up with us on Twitter.

In preparation for the upgrade, we’ve overhauled our support forums and converted them over to a more robust support desk solution. Our hope is that the new design will allow for easier searches and a better overall user experience. If you’re registered as a Mobile Defense user you can login with your existing Mobile Defense credentials and start posting today.

Thanks again to everyone who has continued to support us! We are doing our best to give you a quality product, and we appreciate your patience as we finalize the next version of Mobile Defense.

Temporarily returning to closed beta in preparation for next release

We greatly appreciate everyone’s interest in helping beta test Mobile Defense. The response has been overwhelming and we are excited to integrate the feedback from hundreds of thousands of existing beta testers. In order to take Mobile Defense to the next level, we are suspending new beta signups while we go heads-down on the next release. We appreciate everyone’s support and patience.

Existing users should not experience any interruptions in service and you can re-install Mobile Defense by visiting from your Android phone. Important note, new users attempting to install Mobile Defense will be unable to complete the registration process at this time.

If you would like to be notified via email when we resume accepting new users, please complete this form:

Mobile Defense won Best Mobile App at the 2010 NEOSA Best of Tech Awards

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“NEOSA is proud to recognize outstanding companies and impressive tech entrepreneurs in the region by presenting the annual Best of Tech Awards. Recognizing great companies and leaders helps us promote this region as an awesome place to live and work, where cool companies are doing great things.”

Mobile Defense featured on Revision3 App Judgment

One of my biggest concerns dating back to my very first cell phone was what if I lost it or it got stolen? Think of all the data you have in your phone, especially nowadays with smartphones. All your contacts and now your e-mail and other sensitive material. So if you lose your phone, someone could not only use it to make calls but also have access to all your personal data. Mobile Defense is an application, that once installed on your phone, can help you to locate and then lock down your missing or stolen phone. Not only is a handy tool to find a lost cell phone, but the added secruity involved in locking your phone down makes Mobile Defense an ideal solution to protect yourself from theft or loss.

Installing Mobile Defense as a system application

This tutorial outlines the necessary steps required to install Mobile Defense as a system application. When Mobile Defense is installed as a system application it can auto-enable your location providers (both Wireless and GPS) as needed. This is especially helpful if your device has been lost or stolen, and one or both providers is currently disabled. By following the steps below, you’ll also discover that Mobile Defense cannot be uninstalled.

Mobile Defense 1.2.5 released on the Android Market

  • [BUG FIX] Force close on reboot when data connection is unavailable.
  • [BUG FIX] App data can be cleared on system app install.
  • [FEATURE] Improved consistency of location accuracy.

Mobile Defense 1.2.4 released on the Android Market

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  • [BUG FIX] Intermittent connectivity on Nexus One
  • [BUG FIX] SIM change notification issue
  • [FEATURE] Increased website responsiveness

Mobile Defense 1.2.3 released on the Android Market

  • [BUG FIX] Force close after updating from 1.2.2
  • [BUG FIX] Miscellaneous UI improvements
  • [FEATURE] Better local event storage