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Installing Mobile Defense as a system application

This tutorial outlines the necessary steps required to install Mobile Defense as a system application. When Mobile Defense is installed as a system application it can auto-enable your location providers (both Wireless and GPS) as needed. This is especially helpful if your device has been lost or stolen, and one or both providers is currently disabled. By following the steps below, you’ll also discover that Mobile Defense cannot be uninstalled.

T-Mobile users having trouble activating your phone?

If you do not receive an activation message on your phone, please review the following information. Mobile Defense uses an Email to SMS Gateway provided by T-Mobile. This gateway allows us to send email to your phone which gets relayed as a text message (SMS). To ensure you are not blocking these messages, check your settings by watching the YouTube video above.

For more information see the following FAQ or post on our support forum.

Q: Why is my phone not activating? 

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