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Mobile Defense returns to sponsor HackCWRU February 6-8th

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With a strong CWRU alumni base at Mobile Defense our team always looks forward to HackCWRU. Taking place this year from Friday, February 6th through Sunday, February 8th, Mobile Defense returns as a sponsor.

We will be bringing our 3D printer again and invite everyone to come by our table to learn more about career opportunities at Mobile Defense. Throughout the weekend some of our software engineers will be on hand to assist student project teams.

Mobile Defense a Kent Hack Enough 2014 Silver Sponsor

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Team members from Mobile Defense are looking forward to attending our first Kent Hack Enough event as a Silver Sponsor. This hackathon takes place this weekend, Friday, October 24 through Sunday, October 26, at Kent State University and attracts attendees from other universities across the Midwest.


Some of our software engineers will be on hand to mentor and assist student project teams throughout the weekend. We will be bringing our 3D printer and invite everyone to come by our table to learn more about career opportunities at Mobile Defense.

Mobile Defense returns to Case Western Reserve University Career Fair October 3rd

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Mobile Defense will be back at the Case Western Reserve University Career Fair on Thursday, October 3rd at the Veale Athletic Center from 10:30am to 3:00pm. Members of our team are excited to meet talented students and alumni who want to learn more about career opportunities at Mobile Defense. Our talented team of software engineers, including Case alumni, collaborate daily to deliver enterprise-grade mobile services trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

Mobile Defense Joins the Cisco Developer Network as Preferred Solution Developer

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Our team is honored to officially announce joining the Cisco Developer Network as a Preferred Solution Developer within the Unified Communications technology category. Our technology successfully completed interoperability testing. Together we are delivering a cloud-based mobile application security system that meets the needs of IT Managers tasked with balancing the individual requirements of users and the security policies of a mobilized enterprise. An overview of this technology is covered in Cisco AppHQ Enterprise Application Center: Deploy Mobile Business Apps with Confidence, a Whitepaper by Cisco.

Mobile Defense was sought out by Cisco because of our deep security expertise and focus on the Android platform. This focus has allowed us to evolve with the Android ecosystem since its beginning to go beyond simply creating award-winning mobile malware protection and device management tools; to delivering a secure, comprehensive enterprise-grade application inventory management and storefront curation system. Our unique technology, previously unavailable, gives IT Managers risk intelligence to analyze Android install packages (APKs) for potential threats prior to installation, tools for continued monitoring throughout the application lifecycle, and incident response capabilities. This end-to-end solution ensures all applications running on personal or corporate-liable devices are in line with organizations’ IT security policies.

“Our work with Cisco is the culmination of years of focus and development to ensure a comprehensive, end-to-end mobile defense for the enterprise,” said Stuart Saunders, co-founder and CEO of Mobile Defense. “We are excited to team up with Cisco as a Preferred Solution Developer, uniting on a new front to deliver a unique and truly customer-centric technology solution. Together we’re providing IT Managers new ways to curate apps, manage risk and rapidly deploy mobile applications in a secure enterprise.”

Mobile Defense’s patent-pending technology is securely hosted in the cloud and requires no expensive or complicated server installation. The system integrates seamlessly with AppHQ and provides out of the box support for the APKs coming from the Google Play, Amazon AppStore, third-party vendors, and in-house development teams. In addition to easy setup and extensibility, the robust rules engine allows security analysis and notifications to be tailored to each organization’s specific IT policies and risk tolerance.

The Cisco Developer Network unites Cisco with third-party developers to deliver tested interoperable solutions to joint customers. As a Preferred Solution Developer, our team worked closely with Cisco to deliver enhanced solutions that deliver greater interoperability with Cisco networking solutions. We also share Cisco’s strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction, completing interoperability verification testing based on criteria set forth by Cisco.

Mobile Defense attending Spark at Carnegie Mellon University October 23rd

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We are excited to once again be attending Spark: Startups and Emerging Companies (formerly TechSpark) at Carnegie Mellon University Tuesday, October 23rd from 9:30am to 4:00pm in the Rangos Ballroom. This is Mobile Defense’s second year participating in this great event. Our recruiting team, Liz Gerson and David Justice, are looking forward to meeting candidates who might be interested in career opportunities at Mobile Defense.

Mobile Defense at Case Western Reserve University Career Fair October 4th

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We will be attending Case Western Reserve University’s Career Fair on Thursday, October 4th from 10:30am to 3:00pm at the Veale Athletic Center. Our recruiting team is excited to meet students and alumni who might be interested in career opportunities at Mobile Defense.

Mobile Defense joins Android Malware Genome Project

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Ever since we started Mobile Defense, we have been committed to building mobile security and support products tailored to the unique needs of a mobilized world. We support and became a member of the Android Malware Genome Project.

We believe efforts like this genome project are the keys to developing new ways of fighting threats. Only through collaboration can we fight a new generation of malware, chart its characteristics and evolution, and reduce risks.

Other genome projects spurred by the Information Age and made possible by open source data exchange have proven highly effective in other sectors. Researchers from North Carolina State University announced the launch of this genome project at the IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy this past May. The defined goal: Collect and analyze Android malware and share it with other researchers.

The project founder, Xuxian Jiang, a NCSU Computer Science Assistant Professor, says that the group has already collected more than 1,200 samples of Android malware, organizing them into various malware families. The project is important, Jiang says, because “our defense capability is largely constrained by the limited understanding of these emerging mobile malware and the lack of timely access to related samples. Our research community needs to do a better job of sharing data if we want to develop timely, next-generation mobile security solutions.”

Before joining the project, we were already developing a next-generation mobile security platform. The Android Malware Genome Project is one of the many ways we are reducing risk for our clients. We look forward to being an active member as we know the strength of the project lies in the collective sum of its contributors.

If you are interested in learning more about this security initiative, visit the Android Malware Genome Project web site and download the 15 page paper by Jiang and Yajin Zhou titled “Dissecting Android Malware: Characterization and Evolution.” The project is being sponsored, in part, by grants from the US National Science Foundation (NSF). You can find it in the news here and here.

Where we have been and the road ahead

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Update from Stuart Saunders, CEO

Our team looks to the rest of the year with great expectations and plans. Speaking for the team, we are very appreciative of the positive comments we have received from existing users about release 2.3.8. I am also excited to share some of the developments from the past year because they are shaping the future of Mobile Defense and our efforts to build better mobile security products.

Taking a step back to stay one step ahead

Over the last year while we closed the beta version to new users, we have focused on establishing significant enterprise and OEM relationships. In the coming months, you will hear about new features and our plans to create a better mobile security experience for our personal and enterprise users. We have been working strategically with our partners to enhance the Mobile Defense product in ways that would not have been possible had we not closed the beta.

We will start porting these features to personal accounts and updating the blog on a regular basis regarding these pushes. We will keep you posted on opening the Beta to new users. Until then be sure to get on our waiting list. Release 2.3.8 is just the beginning, and there are features coming that I feel will differentiate us in the market. The positive response to the last release from existing users has been encouraging as we work to open our dialog here.

The decision I made to focus our resources over the last year on the enterprise and OEM opportunities was needed to keep us one step ahead of long-term mobile security threats. The direction we have taken has made the product stronger. While not immediately evident to Mobile Defense’s personal users, the company has continued to grow and move forward.

A year that has taken us beyond locate, lock, and wipe

Ever since we were first to market with our award-winning mobile security product for Android, we have seen the mobile market explode. With that growth, there have been exponentially more threats to mobile platforms. We have learned as a team that the new mobile security landscape requires more than the usual mobile device management (MDM) solutions and signature-based malware protection. We recognize that a security model ported from the desktop-era could not possibly work in the mobilized world we now live. Our vision for a new approach to mobile security is now a reality, and has been validated over the past year by our enterprise engagements.

Our mobile threat management solutions now safeguard millions of users, and are trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. The Mobile Defense platform includes enterprise-grade malware protection, mobile threat management, risk intelligence, and vulnerability tracking. This unified approach provides an unprecedented level of protection and visibility to our users.

A vision for better mobile security can only be realized with the best talent

Another exciting validation over the past year has been the rapid addition of many new members to our team. We realize that technology is only as good as the team building it. It takes a special, passionate group to execute on our vision for world-class mobile security solutions. As a result, we are taking great care to find the best people available to scale our team. We would like to hear from talented individuals with experience in security, reverse engineering and software development. You can find a list of some of our open positions on our careers page.

Stay tuned and stay safe

I invite you to check back here as we continue to make updates and roll out releases. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Case Western Reserve University Career Fair

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We will be attending Case Western Reserve University’s Career Fair on Thursday, February 16th. We are excited to meet students and alumni who might be interested in career opportunities at Mobile Defense.

For more information about CWRU’s career fair, visit this site:

Carnegie Mellon University’s TechSpark

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We are proud to announce that we are presenting at TechSpark on February 13!

For those who have not heard, TechSpark is a recruiting event hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. This event is specifically designed for startups and small businesses to not only meet students and alumni, but share our stories and visions for the technologies we are developing. We will talk about Mobile Defense’s founding, mission, and vision for the future. We will also discuss the technologies that we are developing, how we are accomplishing our goals, and how our team is rapidly growing.

We are thrilled to meet the students, alumni, and other attendees at TechSpark and to share the Mobile Defense story.