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Mobile Defense designed for performance

  • Posted by Stuart at 5:58 AM
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Mobile Defense was designed to have little to no impact on your day-to-day performance. You might have noticed the special text message (aka SMS) we send to your phone. This message is a randomized security token and it allows MobileDefense to stay dormant on your phone and awake only when needed. In other words, Mobile Defense is not continually running in the background on your phone. Therefore, it is not consuming battery or active memory.

The only time you should see any noticeable battery drain is when you are remotely connected to your phone via the Mobile Defense website. Once you click on the “Connect to Phone” button from your dashboard a remote connection will be established with your phone. The remote session will remain open until you terminate the connection or until 30 minutes has expired, whichever comes first. The session can be terminated by clicking on the “Disconnect” link in the dashboard.

Our internal benchmarks show after a 30 minute remote session indoors with GPS on, Wi-Fi off, and a good EDGE signal, only 13% of the stock G1 battery (1150 mAh) was consumed. In comparison, using the native Google Maps application for an equivalent amount of time would drain more battery. Note, newer phones such as the DROID (1400 mAh) and Nexus One (1400 mAh) have higher capacity batteries and, as result, a 30min remote session under the same conditions only uses 9% battery. While we feel this level of performance is acceptable to most people, we want to give our users even more control, allowing them to utilize Mobile Defense in a way that works best for them.

For that reason, in a future release we will be providing users with the capability to throttle up/down the update interval and update duration between their phone and our web servers during a remote session. This will allow users to prioritize performance, battery drain, and responsiveness as they see fit. While this is just one of many enhancements in the pipeline, we feel it is a significant step towards empowering our users.

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